How to Hold a School Fundraiser with Australian Made and Owned Clear Sensitive Family Sunscreen.

We sell at a reduced price and you keep the profits, below is the paperwork you will need to hold a fundraiser with Sunsational Body Care.


  1. How to hold a sunscreen fundraiser - Click Here/Print or View
  2. Order form for Organiser to order - Click Here/Print or View
  3. Order form for Participants/Volunteers to order - Click Here/Print or View
  4. Fundraiser Sign - Click Here/Print or View
  5. Request Prices or Place an Online Order
  6. Product Information - Click Here 
  7. Print out a Sun Facts Sheet now, to give out.

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Sun care is a healthy, responsible, and very profitable FUNDRAISER for your School, Sports Club, Carnival, Corporate or Group Event - Support your own charity, and you can make thousands, it's easy! 


  • No minimum orders
  • Give any products back"in good condition and unused of course"
  • You can make very high profit per item
  • Choose from various sizes and products and ask us about other items we supply
  • Fast delivery and always in stock
  • Free Carry or Display box with signage

We do make it as easy as we can to hold a fundraiser; please contact us for more information.


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