Fundraising sunscreen Testimonials Australia:

Hi Jenny,

Our event was a roaring success.

Australia wide we raised just over $121,000.00 for the Starlight Foundation.

All staff completed the walk and enjoyed the festivities afterwards.

We are very grateful for your support.

I have attached a series of photos for the Sunsational Sunscreen Testimonials page

Thanks again, 

Rebecca Hawley 


Sunsational SPF30+ Sunscreen is a great product. I wanted to get involved and help promote an Australian Sunscreen company. I could not have found such a professional company willing to help me out in return. Sunsational has so many product alternatives for all types of people. I use sunscreen every day of my life; whether it be surfing myself or working at Cronulla Surfing Academy (the surf school), Surfing NSW at events or with Wing Wetsuits – “I need Sunscreen”.

I have used many sunscreens over my life and have found Sunsational to be effective for myself in many ways – it is non greasy, rubs on clear, water resistant and does not sting your eyes like most sunscreens. It is also definitely cost effective for all customers.

I highly recommend this product for all customers whether you are looking to wholesale, export, retail, bulk buy, fundraise or an individual consumer.

Everyone needs sunscreen!!!!

Thanks again,

Regards, Luke


PS. That’s me in the pictures ~ “Keep on Surfing”


Fundraising sunscreen was the best idea you gave our school 

Thank you very much.

Alison sanders

lovely meeting you last month and chatting about holding a sunscreen fundraiser,
i asked around and a few people said they enjoyed working with you doing fundraisers in the past 
So i would love to get information on doing a sunscreen fundraiser.
Sports event organiser


We just held our forth winter sunscreen fundraiser and you were right more people are using sunscreen during winter. We will be back in summer for another sunscreen fundraiser.

Sonia Saloon Surf club Australia 

Another wonderful sunscreen fundraiser with great success, we look forward to next years fundraiser.

Wendy Landsdown

School fundraising coordinator 

Just finished our third sunscreen fundraiser and we made a profit increase of  36% on last year, it is good to do a healthy fundraiser
Top service Jenny

Ian Cowper
Club Administrator 

It was lovely meeting you and thank you very much for all the time and extra effort you put into making our sunscreen fundraiser for our school a wonderful success.

Miti Marsdern P&C School fundraising committee

What a super successful  sunscreen fundraiser our school made three times more than last years sunscreen fundraiser,

Thank you so much for all the help you gave us.

Holly Ramez  P&C  school co ordinator

Our sunscreen fundraiser was a big hit, we made 3 times more profit than any other  fundraiser, the clear  sunscreen is so nice to apply and many parents mentioned this. thank you again and see you next year :)

Bony McMahon  

The Sunsational Buzzzz offf natural insect repellent at our fundraiser was a real success with all the group, we love the smell and one of the members used it for a blue bottle sting to ease the pain. Love the product and love the service.
Nelly Fundraising club leader

You are amazing for driving over 100km after our delivery went missing and i want to say
a big thank you for the best service.

Viv Brison
Just wonderful support thank you for making our sunscreen fundraiser a success.

Tiffany Davidson

Our surfing sunscreen fundraiser was a sensational ;) win for the club thanks for sharing your 

profit ;) and we will be back next season for sure.

Doug Adams

Surf club in Australia

Much better service than other fundraising suppliers you are the best and i would like 

to let other fundraisers know.

Tammy Gilmore

Thank you "fundraising for school" we raised $3100.00 last month and we will be back.

Fundraising with sunscreen was very easy.

Benny Le mont

Sports club Victoria

Fundraising sunscreen was our best fundraiser up to date A1 service fundraising for school.

Justin Roby 

Our sunscreen fundraiser was so successful we would like to repeat it.

Thank you very much for all the great help.

Julie Bell

We had such a good response to our sunscreen fundraiser we would like to do it again,

Sunsational sunscreen was much better than the other brand we did.

Betty Pattern

This fundraising idea is the best up to date and a healthy alternative.
Bill Herman
Sports Master


The Sunsational 30+ sun block or sunscreen is very popular with the families at the fundraiser that they wanted to do another fundraiser with you and requested it to be Sunsational.

The feedback families gave me is that your sunscreen doesn't run, it is fragrance free and the boys really made a big point about that and every one said it feels the best out of all the sunscreens they have used, so could you contact me about another fundraiser?

Anne (withheld for privacy reasons)
Victoria, Australia

Dear Jenny,

Thanks for all your wonderful genuine advice last week, I am writing to you as I saw on your website you like good feedback.

I am a big fan of Sunsational sunscreen as it has such a wonderful feel and it truly doesn't feel like you are wearing sunscreen, and the moisturiser is the best I have used up to date.

Hi to everyone who is reading this, it is a very good sunscreen, you will enjoy using Sunsational.

Lisa Peterson
Adelaide, Australia

Hi Guys

Another successful fundraiser, we raised over $7300, not bad for a small school fundraiser,
Thanks very much for your well organised help.

Susie Martin

This was a wonderful sunscreen fundraiser and i would like to say a big thank you for all the time and effort you put in.

Mel Hamilton

Thank you for making our "sunscreen fundraiser" so easy and a real success.

Teddy bates
Melbourne Australia

It was a very easy fundraiser to organise and the Sunsational sunscreen was a hit.
Thank you for all the positive ideas.


Albert Denten

Our team were surprised at the sell through of Sunsational sunscreen, it even out sold the cheap discounted and big name brand sunscreens.

Thanks for asking us to be one of your distributors.

Alan Johnson


Thank you again for another wonderful fundraiser with your sunscreen as usual fabulous help.

Mandy Wilson
Charity leader


Fundraising with your sunscreen had a very very positive response by our school and I would recommend a Sunsational Sunprotection Fundraiser to any school or sports club.

“Very helpful, friendly and professional organisation”!

Ron Montgomery

Sunscreen fundraiser was a great success we raised over $3000.00 

Thank you for all your help.

A very happy sunscreen fundraiser with the team, it was very popular with the parents and kids.
A very big thank for making it so easy to hold.
Cathrine happy  organiser

Arron Lee QLD

OMG, The delivery was so quick thanks again



Thank you again for making our fundraiser positive and the dollars raised was a lot higher than we thought it would be.

Jess Hogan

We just finished our sunscreen fundraiser for our school and it was so much fun, kids had a ball offering sunscreen to raise funds for our sports club and yes we made more money than most other fundraisers Thank you for all you help.

Amy Atkinson Sports group in Western Australia   

Wonderful and thoughtful help by the Sunsational sunscreen team i would highly suggest  
to do a school or sports club fundraiser as it is so easy dealing with them.

Fiona Jong

The Superior sports group out done last years fundraising by $955 so we are super happy

and thanks a hole bunch, Sunsational you rock.

Ted blunt 

It was a pleasure dealing with you and fundraising for school, our eighth year holding a sunscreen fundraiser with you and i would like to tell others who are thinking of doing a sunscreen fundraiser that you make it very easy for us and i would  like you to use this as a testimonial.
Marcelle M
Business fundraising organiser  

This was a real fun sunscreen fundraiser, first time and will be doing another for sure.
It was easy to run thanks to you.
Majorie Fenton
School fundraising organizer

We just finished our sunscreen fundraiser and even with all this rain had such a positive result
Thanks you again you are awesome, talk next season.
School organiser

What great fun positive fundraiser, it was so much fun to do a healthy sunscreen fundraiser
We wil re do the sunscreen fundaraiser again next year.
Stay well 
Sally Loftus
Group fundraising buyer Sydney

This was such a fun and healthy sunscreen fundraiser, i am planning to do two a year now.
Enjoy Australia day.
Lota B
Sports group fundraising organiser 

Just finished our Sunsational sunscreen fundraiser and it was "Sensational" kids enjoyed going out and selling the sunscreen and we made more funds than we thought,
We will do this sunscreen fundraising again next year, a very big thank you for making it and easy fundraiser to organise, talk next year
Mandy Farrow 

Just a fantastic sunscreen fundraiser result during this time is hard to beleive 
You are are all wonderful people.
Lindy K

Ashi here, We finally did our first sunscreen fundraiser and was slow at first but came good and we raised a lot of funds thanks to you and all the guidence. 
Ashi hard working school teacher

We had a fab time doing our sunscreen fundraiser and want to say a massive thanks for all your beautiful help to make it a happy fundraiser.
Tammy a hard working mummy

Hi David
That was alot of fun raising funds for our school with sunscreen, so much help from you and the team made it so easy, you are awsome.
Talk next year
Emil Adams

Last year was so easy doing a sunscreen fundraiser we would like to do it again
Thank you and look forward to another super fundraiser.
Clint T

We finished our sunscreen fundraiser just in time before December and we are happy to report we doubled our funds and we would like to thank you for all the ideas to make it easier than ever before.
Awsome company 
Gino T
Fundraising manager
Sunsational sells so much better at our sunscreen fundraisers than other sunscreen brands, So you know we almost sold three times more this year.
Thanks for the good service Jenny
Judy Stafford

It was so helpful to find you and raise funds for our school with the Sunsational sunscreen products, our fundraiser made $3234.00 and it will go to some very poor people to help them get off the streets.
You are good people :) 
Linda Sanders

Best fundraiser for our sports club ever, we raised triple of what we have ever done with any other fundraiser, The Sunsational sunscreen was so popular and many were really happy to support and Australian made product.   
We will be back for sure next year.
Andy Pike 
School fundraising organiser Sydney

Thanks David the sunscreen fundraiser was very good and lots of people asked if they can buy more so i am holding another fundraiser.


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